About Vortex Hosting

 Vortex hosting was founded off the sole idea of providing the best possible experience for our clients. Our staff has many years of experience with IT, programming, and gaming. Our key founders of Vortex Hosting are knowledgable about running servers, especially Minecraft servers. Customer service is paramount. We want to create a stress free hosting services to the customer. We are customer centered and want to provide the best experience to the end-user. We host our minecraft network, Vortex Craft, on the same hardware that we have tested for you. We are the hosting company that is made for you.  

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Who We Are

We started out building computers, and writing code as computer science/ engineering students in college. We have always been PC players. During our youth, we got into making Minecraft servers. Today, we host Vortex Craft and our own game server hosting company that is tailored to the clients. 

Our Mission

Reliability and security are engineered into the core of our products. Our data center network delivers optimal performance. We provide top level Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs on every server. Every CPU has a clockspeed turbo of 4.4Ghz and greater. All of our server sit on a 3GBPS connection to a 100GBPS internal backbone. We offer industry leading DDOS and security to make sure your data is safe. What does this mean for you? A gaming experience like no other. That is our goal 24/7/365. 




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Data center locations with many more to come