Premium Minecraft servers (Most popular!) 50% off the first month with code Vortex2020 !

Bungee Cord Server


$1.50/ month


3GBPS Network

160GBPS DDOS Protection

Dedicated Port (eg. 25565) for extra fee with Pterodactyl panel

Iron Plan


$4.00/ month


Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage and Dedicated CPU allocation

Great private servers with plugins/ mods

Dedicated Port (eg. 25565) for an extra fee with Pterodactyl panel

Gold Plan


$18.00/ month


Unlimited NVME and Dedicated CPU allocation

For medium sized servers with a lot of complex plugins (eg. world edit, Dynmap) and medium player base

Dedicated Port (eg. 25565) for an extra fee with Pterodactyl panel

Ultimate Plan


$5.00 to $250Get a quote/ month

Up to FIVE instances on a semi-dedicated machine using Pterodactyl panel

RAM: 2GB to 60GB

Unlimited NVMe and custom/ RAM allocation for server amounts greater than 2

Dedicated Port (eg. 25565) included on orders greater than $35 a month

What’s Included in our Game server Packages

Instant setup

Within minutes of the payment being processed, you can start playing or configuring your server

Speedy fast network

All of our servers are on a blazing fast 3GBPS network. That is 3x faster than most of the competitors! You do not have to worry if another server is using too much bandwidth!

Premium features.

Enjoy our Pterodactyl Panel. Unlimited slots, with no caps. Unlimited bandwidth, and the highest speeds for each server in its class. Each server has a 3GBPS connection, on a 10GBPS NIC sitting on a 100GBPS Network.

Rocket Speeds
All of our servers sit on CPU architecture that can have sustained clock speeds across ALL cores. We offer DDR4 RAM in all servers*, and NVMe storage in all servers**. Each server’s drives sit on RAID 1 Config. This means, if one drive fails, we have a backup with no downtime.

*Basic minecraft servers may use servers using DDR3. **Basic Minecraft servers may use SATA SSDs or HDDs

Game type tested
All of the servers deployed are tested with each type of game in mind. Before we offer you our services, each plan is stress tested by our team under worst case scenarios before offering it to you. We can confidently assure you that normal use of the server will not interfere with your gaming experience. Other hosts cannot give that same guarantee, because they don’t stress test it like we do.
24/7 Support

All customers have access to premium via our Discord or to submit a ticket to have issues rushed

Low Latency North American servers

Our servers are located in the United States and Canada. Expansion to Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America expected in Early to Mid 2020! Low latency to our servers, even on the other side of the globe!

Server Protection

FREE MYSQL Database per server. A MYSQL user can be added for extra freedom to create unlimited databases for an extra charge.

Enhanced DDOS protection

Each server comes with AT LEAST 160GBPS of DDOS protection. Made a few enemies? Not a problem.

Hosting Solution

We are continuing the building of our network. We have 3 Locations, and 6 more with dozens of servers in each location to come.

Custom Dedicated Servers

All of our hardware is custom hardware build to our specifications to bring you the best possible experience

Pterodactyl Panel- Easy use. Many possibilities.

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Owner, Network Engineer


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Engineer, System Admin.



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